Thursday, November 25, 2010

~ I am thankful for my blessings ~

Over the last year we have gained a greater appreciation for our blessings.

We are thankful for our FAMILY . . . for a Dad who works to support us and never lets us loose our way . . . for a Mom who is always there when we need her . . . for our beautiful children who are good, thoughtful and kind to others, who make each day so much more joyous to us all . . . for brothers and sisters and the closeness that they share . . . for parents and in-laws and family around us and far away that love us for who we are . . . for ancestors that endured much and taught us by their examples . . .

We are thankful for THE GOSPEL . . . I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. It is hard to contemplate how some people can go through hard times without the knowledge of it. We are thankful for the Plan of Salvation, to know that we can be together forever, that death cannot separate us cause we are an eternal family . . .we are grateful for the blessings of the temple . . . We are thankful that we are able to have the Priesthood in our home.

We are thankful for THE WORLD WE LIVE IN . . . for every season and the beauty it brings . . . for sunny days and greenery all around . . .for spring showers and beautiful flowers. . . and fall colors . . . for glistening snow and glittering trees . . . and for all the many creatures of our time and their purpose on this earth . . .

We are thankful for our HOUSE . . . it may not be our dream home but it is a haven for our family . . . a place to rest . . . a place to learn . . . a place to draw closer together as a family . . . a place of shelter from the elements . . . a place to share precious memories that will live on in the hearts and minds of our children long after they leave to raise families of their own. Where we love is Home, Home that our feet may leave but never our hearts.

We are thankful for SMALL LUXURIES . . . for a warm shower, a pillow to lay our head on, a soft bed to crawl into, Heat in the winter, cold water from the tap, Shelter over our head, transportation that is more than just our own two feet or at most a buggy and horse like our ancestors, Light at the flick of a switch . . . among other things. We are fortunate to live in these latter days.

We are thankful for our FREEDOM . . . We are so blessed to live in a free country that we live in and the people who fight to protect that freedom . . . We are thankful that we have the right to choose our way of life and that we have the ability to pursue our dreams.

We are grateful for KNOWLEDGE . . . for the opportunity that we have to gain a testimony and knowledge in this life . . . for the books that have been written for our benefit and use.

We are grateful for our DIFFICULT TIMES . . . because without them we would not be who we are today
. . . each of us has a journey and trials will come and make us stronger and we are thankful to be able to learn from them and grow individually and as a family.

We are thankful for OUR TALENTS . . . Each of us have many different talents that we have been blessed with and because of this we can help others and that is a blessing in of it’s own.

We are grateful for NEW OPPOURTUNITIES . . . because of them we can learn what we are capable of and new challenges build and strengthen us . . .

We are grateful for FRIENDS . . . for them being there to share triumphs and failures with . . . to laugh and cry with . . . for the relationships that we have built and the knowledge that we have as friends
. . . that they really know us and we really know them and they love us and we love them in-spite that we all are not perfect is priceless.

We are thankful for WORK . . . for the opportunity that Dad has to work in a field that he loves . . . that he is contributing and helping children which was his ultimate goal in choosing a job in the first place - to help people
. . . for the experiences that we have to help others and teach our children to work for themselves, not only to follow Dad’s example, but the Saviors example also.

We are grateful for OUR SAVIOR . . . that he loved us so much that he was willing to give his life for us so that we can live with Him and Heavenly Father again . . . for his great example to us that we can learn to become like Him . . . for His love and His guidance in all we do.

Hope this finds everyone Happy and Healthy and that you all Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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